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  • brown carbon fiber sitar
  • blue carbon fiber sitar
  • white carbon fiber sitar
  • white carbon fiber sitar clowup
  • black and pink carbon fiber sitar

Our sitars:

black, pink, and green sitar

Carbon Sitars are all-carbon fiber sitars which solve many of the design and craftsmanship problems inherent in traditional sitar design and manufacture. Our sitars have stable and quick tuning capability, correct intonation across all strings, are tough, impervious to the weather, light, louder and more resonant, and come in a variety of attractive modern designs. Custom designs and configurations are also available.

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Last updates: 22 April, 2014

Latest projects

the suibokuga sitar

The Suibokuga Sitar

This lovely sitar in the works was inspired by the art of Japan; particularly, sumi-e, or ink wash painting...

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